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  • Early Education - School Kit
    Reward-based individualized learning
    for special needs
  • MyToday (All Ages)
    An essential visual scheduling tool
Autism Awareness Month

Assessment & Planning

From assessing learning goals to planning custom education, do what’s required to give a better start.

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Learning Readiness

A child having readiness to learn today will be willing to learn tomorrow.

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Language Communication

For children and adults with special needs who may be not be verbal, communication becomes easy with apps.

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ColorsKit: Is a digital learning platform with systems of applications that assess and teach special needs students. This unique technological solution for Special Needs Management revolutionizes where, when and how assessment and intervention are delivered because:


It works across all mobile platforms like tablets and smart phones

Provides tools to design, deliver and monitor evidence-based education

All data is automatically and passively captured


Teachers and student families can continue intervention seamlessly at any time through game-based experience

Gives teachers immediate access to reports and graphs for invaluable insights

Allows different types of prompts (including voice, animation, picture, and text) with the click of a button


It is customized to deliver a specific curriculum chosen by the school

A glimpse of the ColorsKit showcase